Washing machine repair

Washing machine repair

Washing machine repair is the right address when you need an experienced, professional mechanic with the right skills to fix all the problems a washing machine can have.washing machine repair

We know like no other what it is to be without a proper working washing machine, specially when you have kids and a lot of laundry. But also with the busy life of people nowadays, we just don’t want and can not be without a washing machine.

Washing machine repair can fix the most common malfunctions and error messages, like:
Leakage in your washing machine at the bottom;
When the rubber at the door of your washing machine is damaged or broken and the machine is leaking water;
If the drum of your washing machine does not rotate;
When the program does not want to start;
If you have a leaking tube;

Washing machine repair can also help you with installing your washing machine. It doesn’t matter where you bought the machine in this case.
We are your partner when you need parts for your machine to be fixed. We can order all common parts of your washing machine, as long as parts are available for it. In this case we only order parts when we install them.

Washing machine repair information:

When our mechanic comes to your place, he will inspect the machine.
You will pay 60 euro (excluding VAT) for the visit of the mechanic.
The mechanic will let you know what the cost for repair and parts will.
You will receive a guarantee of 3 months on the repair and parts (cleaning of a machine is not under warranty).

Repair of course is always your own choice. If you think the cost for repair are too high and you decide not to repair, you only pay the inspection cost of 60 euro, excluding VAT.

To make an appointment, just call us, send us an app or sms: 0686360040,

send us an email: info@wasmachine-reparatie.net;

You can make an appointment yourself through our online reservation system 24/7;

Or just fill in the online contact form. We will get back to your as soon as possible.

We fix all home appliances, like washing machines, dishwashers, dryers and refrigerators.

See you soon!